In 1986 General Kavee Kompeerayan, Deputy Director of army security centre, his right eye suffered from retinal detachment. He was operated by Dr. Somsran Watanachote, then he regained vision from counting fingers in 2 - 3 feet distance to be 20/20. His upmost delight was beyond explanation. He had seen problems of poor patient, problems of doctors who could not acquire enough budget to get equipment to cure patients. He and his close friends donated 305,500 bath’ (especially from Mr.Sintu Sornsongkom and Her Highness Tasanavalai Sornsongkom ) for Dr. Somsran to buy cryomachine. Fortunately, Christian Blinden Mission (CBM) had donated the cryomachine and the necessary equipments to Rajavithi Hospital. Therefore the money was used to establish Rajvithi Eye Foundation as the begining of the FUND. The foundation is for helping saving sights for people in Thailand. The office was in Rajavithi Hospital. Dr. Saroj Archthavipat was the first president. Vice President were Gen. Kavee Kampeerayan, Dr. Paka Niyomvipat and Dr. Somsran Watanachote was the secretary, Dr. Tipapun Sangon was vice secretary, Mrs.Ubol Deetongkom was the social worker, Mr. Sombat Rupadit was fund raiser.

      Cataract causes most blindness in the developing countries. There are approximately 40 million people legally blind worldwide, using definition of blindness of less than 20/200 or 6/60. This would mean the inability to recognize the large 8, or 5 on the eye chart with either eye. In Thailand There are approximately 200,000 blind from cataract each year.

      Cataract is cause by opaque lens in elderly people. Cataract can be cured by Cataract extraction. Poverty is the main cause of blindness in cataract and also the misunderstanding that blurred vision in old people is common, improper therapy method has somtimes been used.

      The foundation is willing to help people with blindness especially from cataract as welll as the other causes. We encourage the studies and research for keeping people in good vision for the better quality of life.

      The People Eye Care Foundation, Project ORBIS, Thammasat University, has performed a study to look for the best method to do cataract surgeries.

      ICCE with glasses and ECCE with IOL were studies in rural Udornthani province in 1992 to 1993.The studies found that quality of life is significantly better in ECCE with IOL group.

      We are cordially grateful to the Leonardt Foundation of New York for funding the studies and the good cooperation from Dr. Simon Holland, Dr. Richard Mathias, Dr. Suthinee Suthibud, Dr. Lukana Satiansawad.

      In 1994 the Rajavithi Eye Foundation changed the name to “PEOPLE EYE CARE FOUNDATION” as there are increasingly members besides Rajavithi Hospital join the foundation. The foundation is recognized as the public charity organization by the Ministry of finance on 6 August 1995 ranging No. 279. You can used the receipt to deduct the income tax. Mr. Pipat Preedavipas is honoured to the present president of People Eye Care Foundation.

      As a token for our beloved King Rama 9 on his 50th year in reign. People Eye Care Foundation had carried out the project 2,500 Cataract extraction with Intraoccular lens implantation from 1995 to 1996. Donation this gift of sight to his majesty king’s people who has no chance to afford the IOL and the operation .We believe this gift will promote his majesty the king’s health. There were 59 hospitals participated the project and 2,564 Lens were donated. Approximately 12,820,000 baht were spent for the project. Between 1995 - 1996 the foundation has carried out another project for Supreme Patriarch on his 83rd birthday Supreme Patriarch had totally donated 350,000 baht for IOL expenses. Our committee members are greatly gradtitude and highly honour to his kindness. We had carried out 839 Cataracts extraction with Intraocular lens from 3 Oct 1996 - 3 Oct 1997 and carried on another 854 Cataracts with IOL from 3 Oct 1997 - 3 Oct 1998. To honour his majesty the King’s 6th birth cycle. We have started the project the donation of cataract operations to the poor patients of Thailand “7,200 eyes to celebrate the auspicious occasion of his majesty the King’s 6th cycle birthday anniversary 5th December 1999” from Aug 12 1998 thorough Dec 5th 2000. With the kind contribution for our foundation eye mobil surgical teams. Thai international Air line gave us half price fare tickets through out the project, the government Lottery highly appreciated this project and donated 7,200 Intraocular lens, 96 hospitals participation in the project.

      International help from S.E.E. organization the Oregon Eye Center, Eugene, U.S.A. participated there times by Dr.John H Haines on Nov 21–23 1998 at Somdetprachastaksinmaharaj hospital Tak 68 Cataract with IOL operations was performed and on July 6 – 11 2000 at Mae Ai hospital, Chiengmai 92 Cataract operations was performed, at Takuapa hospital, Pangnga 78 Cataract operations were performed. The third time , with the help from Dr. Haines surgical teams 11 – 13 Nov 2001 at Burirum hospital and 18 – 20 Nov 2001 at Mae AI hospital we had done 118 cataract opreations. Dr.Haines and his team had shown deep sympathy and warm hearted cooperation to us. His energetic, endearment surgical skill was very impressive to us. Beside devoting with our ophthalmologists he has given a lot of medical and famous well known brand name of IOL supplied for the future patients. All together for the King 6 cycle birthday anniversary the foundation had done 8,389 cataract operations. From Jan 2001 – 15 Jan 2002 the project of 749 cataract for poor patients to promote the health of Somdejpraputtajarn (Kaeo) Uppaseno 74 birthday was carried out and at the end of the project we had done 1,342 cataract operations. With very kind encouragement from Somdejpraputtajarn (Kaeo) Uppaseno he had come to Mae Ai hospital to close the project and blessed all the patients and the eye surgical teams. At present from Jan 16, 2002 – Dec 5, 2002 we donate our project to promote our King 75 years birthday for 759 Cataract operations.

      Donation can be done by pay to the account name “People Eye Care Foundation” The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, Rajavithi Hospital Branch, Savings Account No.051-2-15426-4. Please fax your bank pay in to People Eye Care Foundation office to claim the receipt. Number Fax 66-2-310-3122

      The foundation gets contribution to cure the cataracts from ophthalmologists throughout the country and get the donation from various kind of people who impress with our activities. For one IOL for one Cataract is 2,000 baht. (Approximately 75 $ USA) We are proud to help people to let them see again. Please come and join our activities to help the people who have fewer opportunities to give them gift of sight, the eternity life’s gift.

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